The 2019 Malkia wa Nguvu (Powerful Queen) Honour Award was given to Rhobi Samwelly, with her first hand story of her own very traumatic Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) experience and how this powered her determination to do so much to help others, really touching everyone in attendance at the event.

Honour Award 2019 being awarded to Rhobi Samwelly (centre) receiving a golden necklace donated 
Honour Award 2019 being awarded to Rhobi Samwelly (centre)

The ceremony was graced by Paul Makonda, Dar es Salaam’s Regional Commissioner, who commended all of the women who had received awards at the event for their excellence saying “when you hold up a woman, you hold up a nation”.

Paul further mentioned Rhobi, acknowledging her incredible efforts and pledged to have a vehicle made available to assist her in her work and to help Girls and Women needing an escape route from FGM/C.