Rhobi Samwelly has lived all her life in the Mara, Serengeti, community and understands it well.  She has been delivering outreach work in the villages about the dangers of FGM for over 10 years now.  

These consist of village community forums where people debate about various issues around the status of Women and Girls’ right to an education, followed by some drama and performances of traditional Kuria music and dance.

Learn more about how we marked 16 Days of Activism 2021 with a series of community engagement events. 

Training local women to become entrepreneurs in their own right has allowed us to open up gender equality conversations with female community members of the community.

The girls in our care are eager to empower other girls and educate their peers on why FGM and GBV are not the answer. This includes going into local schools and sharing their knowledge and enlightenment with girls and boys, as well as their teachers. 

An account of one of the importance of community events can be found here.

Rhobi Samwell presents at a community outreach session in front of many people

Rhobi talking at one of the outreach sessions