On 22nd April 2020, we hosted a webinar on the impact of COVID-19. As well as Hope Director, Rhobi Samwelly, we also heard from Dr. Annemarie Middelburg, a passionate consultant from the Netherlands with unique expertise on women’s rights and the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Anna Holmström, the Regional Manager for Development Cooperation at Felm, who has worked with civil society and state actors in Tanzania and the region on ending harmful practices for the past 11 years, Michael Marwa, the Director of the Tanzania National Child Helpline.

Thank you to everyone who contributed with additional insights and questions and to all who attended this important event.

Hope has been collaborating with a number of experts to share information on the impact of COVID-19 on efforts to end FGM in Tanzania. COVID-19 presents a number of issues to our communities, police and healthcare services. Links to the first webinar can be found below:

View the webinar recording here.
Annemarie’s presentation is available here.
Rhobi’s presentation is available here.

We welcome any insights on how COVID-19 is impacting your work

  1. Which potential risks do you see for girls at risk and victims of FGM?
  2. Which opportunities do you see?
  3. What are the challenges you are currently facing due to COVID-19?
  4. What are possible solutions for these challenges?

Please share your insights via our contact form here.