Angelina has been working very hard to achieve Form 4 and now wishes to go on to study to become a Community Development Officer in Tanzania. Through this role her ambition is to empower community members and their families and to help them understand their role in society.

Here is Angelina’s handwritten biography, where she explains how she escaped FGM, and her ambition to become a Community Development Officer:

Angelina's biography explaining why she would like to become a community development officer

If you wish to sponsor Angelina, we request a three year commitment in order to avoid any disruption to her studies. Payments can be made once or twice per year, with the most cost effective mode being via a bank transfer. 

For those living within the European Union, we can organise for payments to be made to an organisation in Germany that will be able to issue a tax receipt if required.

If you would like more information or to go ahead and sponsor Angelina, please send a message via the form below, and a member of the sponsorship will be in touch with you soon.