Florida has been staying at Hope for Girls and Women since 2018, and was determined to complete forms 1-4 which she has done with a grade of B! Florida now wishes to study for her A-levels so that she can go on to become a nurse in Tanzania. She is passionate about helping those around her and wants to be an ambassador to challenge and change deep-rooted beliefs, including those around FGM.

Here is Florida’s handwritten biography, where she explains how she arrived at Hope for Girls and Women, and her ambition to become a nurse:

Florida's biography explaining why she wishes to be sponsored, so that she can become a nurse

If you wish to sponsor Florida, we request a two year commitment in order to avoid any disruption to her studies. Payments can be made once or twice per year, with the most cost effective mode being via a bank transfer. 

For those living within the European Union, we can organise for payments to be made to an organisation in Germany that will be able to issue a tax receipt if required.

If you would like more information or to go ahead and sponsor Florida, please send a message via the form below, and a member of the sponsorship will be in touch with you soon.