Neema Meremo Samuel

Social Worker

As the social worker for the Mugumu and Butiama safe houses, Neema has numerous responsibilities to ensure the welfare of our residents. She coordinates with other organizations including the police, serves as the liaison between girls and their school teachers, provides counseling, and guides the reconciliation process so that girls are able to return home without fear of FGM or child marriage. Neema also carries out follow-up visits every three months to check on girls who have returned home.

In addition to these tasks, Neema is also actively involved in our project with Crowd2Map to prevent FGM through better mapping and is a graduate of Moi University.


Neema explains that she was inspired to join this project by ‘the good work being done by Mama Rhobi in fighting FGM in our local communities of Kurya, Ngoreme and Maasai. Having come from the Kurya community where FGM is practiced and being lucky not to have undergone the cut, I wanted to help other girls like me to escape and be free from FGM and I must say the courage these girls show inspires me every day’.