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Canadian filmmaker Giselle Portenier’s new documentary ‘In the Name of Your Daughter’ about our director Rhobi Samwelly’s work to end FGM premiered this past March at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival! The premier was attended by over 200 people, followed by two more screenings with Q & A sessions and screenings for students at Virum Gimnasium and St. Joseph’s Catholic Institute. Rhobi along with two girls featured in the film, Rose Makori and Neema Chacha, were able to travel to Copenhagen with Giselle to attend the screenings.

Below is a trailer of the film, which also played at the NorthwestFest Documentary & Media Arts Festival in Edmonton, Canada earlier this month.


Rhobi says what she enjoyed most about their trip to Copenhagen was meeting so many different people interested in learning more about FGM, including the ambassador of Canada to Denmark Emi Furuya, the Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs, and MP Trine Bramsen. The film’s positive reception has encouraged her to continue working hard to help communities in Mara and she said that many people in Denmark were surprised parents could do such a practice to their children.

What Rhobi found most surprising about the trip was learning during a Q & A session after the film that male circumcision isn’t a social norm in Denmark, unlike in many parts of Tanzania. In addition to speaking out against FGM at village community outreach events, Rhobi also encourages boys to get circumcised in hospitals rather than as part of traditional Kuria initiation.

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